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Corydalis Yan Hu So Extract 10:1 – 10 Grams

  • Pain Relief
  • Mood Enhancement
  • Relaxing
  • Sedating

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Powerful Pain Relief

Corydalis is part of the poppy family, and similar to many Papaverceae Corydalis is an anodyne, a central nervous system depressant, cardiotonic, and sedative. Corydalis has been used and studied for a long time in the East, and has been a vital part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. Corydalis is currently being studied for use in cancer, dysmenorrhea, hyper-tension, and convulsions, however the main use of this amazing herb lies in its ability to act as a powerful natural pain reliever.  Corydalis has in it, the alkaloid bulbocapnine, which is sometimes used medicinally to treat convulsions, Parkinson’s disease and Meniere’s disease.

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